Submission Guidelines

So you want to submit your work to Gallows Hill Magazine. Awesome! We'd love to see it! You can find our submissions form here.

Below, you will find the guidelines for every type of submission we accept. It is incredibly important that you read and understand these guidelines before you submit, because not following them is our leading cause of rejection.

If you are ever unsure about whether or not something would be a good fit for Gallows Hill Magazine, there are a couple of ways to resolve that. Our first suggestion is to read a copy of the magazine! You can purchase a copy in our store, or read some of the free fiction, articles, and poetry on the website.

You can also email a query to our Editor-in-Chief at Please include "QUERY: {Genre}" in the subject of the email, where the {genre} is fiction, article, review, poetry, etc. Describe the project and the paste the first page or so of the work into the body of the email.

Now, without further ado, our guidelines.


As a general rule for fiction, please keep in mind that we only publish horror, but we do accept horror that has shades of other genres. With that said, if you wish to publish a story that is driven primarily by gore, involves lewd acts with minors, or is your personal torture porn, we are not the place for you.

Print Magazine

If you want to submit fiction for the print edition of Gallows Hill Magazine, please submit a .docx, .pdf, or Google Doc file, or the plain text of your story. Print-only fiction is limited to 6,000 words, and must be in the horror genre.

We do NOT publish partial stories, first chapters of books, or any other incomplete fiction.

We MAY make an exception to the word count for serialized novels or novellas, but it is fairly rare and handled on a case-by-case basis by our Editor-in-Chief. Please query him (directions above) if you feel your long form story would be a great fit for serialization.

It is possible that we fall in love with your work, but don't have space in upcoming issues of the magazine. If that is the case, we may contact you about moving your submission to being published exclusively online.

Online Only

If you wish to submit fiction for publication on our website, our word count limit is 12,000 words. You should submit the plain text of your story via HeyPublisher.


We accept all sorts of nonfiction, from creative nonfiction covering stranger-than-fiction, real life horror, to movie and book reviews. If you wish to publish journalistic nonfiction with Gallows Hill Magazine, please review the submission guidelines below.

All nonfiction that you wish to publish in the print edition of the magazine should be sent in query form (directions above) to our Editor-in-Chief. If you want to publish your work exclusively on our website, then you may skip the query process and submit the work directly.


Most of our interviews are handled by our editorial team, but we are always open to having outside writers submit them. If you have a connection with a horror author or cool member of the horror community, we'd love to hear from you! Some of our previous interviews include exorcists, cult survivors, and leading neuroanatomical doctors studying the brain patterns of serial killers.


If you wish to publish book or movie reviews with us, please keep them uner 1,250 words. If you wish to write longer reviews, please submit a query to our Editor-in-Chief and ask to start a review column. Our columnists have a word count limit of 5,000 words per article.

Horror Community News

Know of any interesting goings-on within the horror community? Write it up and share it with us. Please limit community articles to 2,000 words.
If you wish to write a longer article, please submit a query to our Editor-in-Chief and ask to start a review column. Our columnists have a word count limit of 5,000 words per article.

Poetry and Art

If you do horror or dark poetry or art, we'd love to publish it. The default publishing mode is exclusively on our website, but we are always looking for exceptions to add to our print magazine.


If your work doesn't quite fit into any of these categories, please query our Editor-in-Chief about the work. There are querying directions listed above.

Pay Rates and Reprints

We pay up to $25 for fiction and $10 for poetry. Non-fiction is paid, as well, but is handled on a case-by-case basis by our Editor-in-Chief.

We do consider reprints, but most of the time we only consider them for our online exclusives. A rare exception may be made to put a reprint in our magazine, but these cases are few and far between.

For any questions about this policy, please contact us.

Wow! Much cool! You've made it through our submission guidelines! You genuinely stand a significantly increased chance of being published than those who clicked the link at the top of the page without reading this far. Now, go forth and SUBMIT!