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If you're looking to subscribe to the great content put out by the Gallows Hill team, you've come to the right spot. Due to recent customer complaints, the midnight forest ritual for joining the coven has been temporarily put on hold. Instead, you can join by select your membership level and benefits below, and hitting the PayPal button to pay.

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If you want to get our print magazine for the lowest cost, this is the option for you. Save 20% off the cover price and get free shipping anywhere in North America. Sorry rest of the world.

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Our online exclusives include extended interviews with horror icons, exclusive fiction and nonfiction, sneak peeks at new artwork and design material, a super exclusive newsletter, and much more. You'll also get a free digital subscription to the magazine.

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We love sending the magazine overseas! Unfortunately, our witchy familiars that deliver the mysterious packages for us have trouble with water. I know. It's strange. So we have to send the magazine through the mail, which is pretty expensive. Get total access to the online exclusives, plus a shipping-included print subscription for USD $80.