About Gallows Hill Magazine

The Mission

Gallows Hill was established to publish great fiction, find the truth behind the genre's biggest tropes, and serve as a community hub.

We believe that it is our responsibility as publishers to support our writers, since they are the heart and soul of this genre. That's why you'll never have to pay a reading fee to submit to us.

We also believe that it is our responsibility to provide exceptional content to our readers. That's why we offer tons of free content every week.

The Magazine

Gallows Hill Magazine is a quarterly literary and review journal that publishes horror fiction, nonfiction, book and movie reviews, and genre news. 

We enjoy publishing some of the best emerging voices in horror and featuring some of the most prominent names in the genre.

In every issue, we blend great fiction with stories and interviews that drive to the truth behind some of the biggest horror tropes. From riveting interviews with exorcists and cult survivors to spotlights on awesome slivers of the horror community, Gallows Hill brings it to the light.


The Website

One of the founding missions of Gallows Hill is publishing great horror fiction. But since we only have limited space in our print publication, we launched Fiction Friday to provide free weekly stories to our readers and to publish more of the amazing stories that find their way into our submissions.

We also publish regular reviews, extended interviews with authors, and community spotlights online.

The Podcast

Grab a pint and kick back with the Gallows Hill Podcast. Members of the horror community get together over drinks and chat about their current projects, what's going on in the industry, and why we all love horror

The Sweepstakes

We don't just give free fiction online. We also give away free signed books! Our first sweepstakes is ongoing now. Enter to win a free, signed copy of one of the best short story collections of the past 50 years: A Long December by Richard Chizmar.

Just sign up to get an entry. Share on social media and get up to 50 additional entries. Then, get 20 more entries for every friend that signs up with your unique referral code to really increase your odds of winning!