150 Words About: THE CLOVEHITCH KILLER (2018)

The Clovehitch Killer is the story of a teenager (played by Charlie Plummer) who discovers evidence that might implicate his own father (American Horror Story’s Dylan McDermott) in the serial murders that plagued his hometown ten years ago. Plummer is great here, but McDermott shines. Is Dad guilty, or is it all a crazy misunderstanding? Is the beloved Scout leader a monster, behind the friendly mask he wears in public? You’ll change your mind more than once throughout the film’s runtime, because you want to like this guy . . . even though you can tell there’s something not quite right about him.

Thanks to screenwriter Christopher Ford (Spider-Man: Homecoming; Clown), we get some masterful misdirection midway through the kid’s amateur investigation into what Dad’s been up to out there in his toolshed. It’s quite brilliant. The final verdict: Clovehitch is one of the most engaging thrillers I’ve seen in years.

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