Don’t you love it when all the hype turns out to be well-deserved?

This is one creeeeeeeeepy film, folks.  When a young mother and father allow their son and daughter to wander off into the desert hills so they can be alone for a while (shades of The Hills Have Eyes, but only slightly, as we’re dealing with demonic forces here instead of radioactive mutants), something touches the children.  Think you know what that means?  You’re half-right.  The kids return a little later, to Mom and Dad’s elation, but they’ve changed.  And the children they bring home with them might not be their children anymore.

With a style that reminded me of the great horror films of the 1970s, Here Comes the Devil gave me some goosebumps.  I’d almost bet my soul that it will have the same effect on you.

Creepiest line:  “The Devil was standing on my chest.

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