150 Words About . . . MANDY (2018)

Yep, this one’s just as insane as you’ve heard . . . and what you’ve heard does it no justice. The perfect vehicle for a Nicholas Cage who doesn’t give a damn anymore, Mandy is the story of lumberjack Red Miller and his wife, the titular Mandy. In a classic case of “being in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Mandy is spotted by a hippie cult while she’s out taking a walk. The group’s leader decides he must have her. Cue the entrance of some demonic bikers who arrive to do the cult’s bidding, followed by a ton of trippy LSD-influenced colors and images. Oh, yeah . . . and Nick Cage covered in blood, fighting another dude with a chainsaw.

This one’s not a “good movie” by any stretch of the imagination, but damned if I wasn’t hooked from the first frame. It’s one long, WTF nightmare.

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