150 Words About: OMNIVOROS (2013)

This Spanish film reminded me of a story by one of my favorite writers, Graham Masterton’s “The Secret Shih Tan”, although there’s no connection.  A food critic investigates “clandestine restaurants”, where rich patrons dine on exotic dishes not found on the menu at McDonald’s.  But when his search for the ultimate taboo leads to some folks who feast on human flesh, he’s forced to reconsider how far he’ll go to further his career.  For a film about cannibalism, I admired how Omnivoros avoided the obvious trappings like blood n’ guts splashing around.  While there are gory moments -- one involving boiling water and a straight-razor made me cringe, something that rarely happens to this jaded horror nerd -- the story is structured like a mystery, so when the sick stuff happens it’s even more shocking.  Check it out if you can find it, because Omnivoros is definitely worth a watch.

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